Rising From The Ashes; This Is The Story Of The
Violin Prodigy Who Defied All Odds

Even when the whole world gave up on her, her father held onto hope. Now, with her heavenly music, she’s the world’s youngest concert violinist!

Music Of The Heavens

With her bow drawn over the violin strings, the audience waits with bated breath. As the first pure note rings through the concert hall, no one could believe the violinist is only eight years old. Her enchanting music transports her enraptured audience into a whole new world.

Aiko Sato may be known far and wide for her music today, but not many knew of the suffering she had faced since birth.

A Tragic Beginning

“It started years ago with my wife who was my light and my muse”

“We were both excited to start a family together”

“And we played our music for our unborn daughter daily”

“But one night, my wife suffered heavy contractions early”

“It all turned into a living nightmare”

-Itsuki Sato (Aiko’s Father)

More nurses and doctors were called in and the medical team were clearly frantic! Everything was going wrong and Itsuki was forced to wait helplessly out in the corridor.

But after hours, despite the doctors’ best efforts, the steady beeps of the heart monitor flatlined.

“She was so weak and fading fast”

“Hearing the cries of our daughter, she managed to look at her”

“Seeing her for the first and last time before breathing her last”

-Itsuki Sato

A Precious Treasure

That day of anticipation and joy had instead become the blackest day for the Sato family. The day of Aiko’s birth was now the day she lost her mother.

But Itsuki still thanked the Lord for his daughter who was a precious treasure left by his wife. Every day, he would play Aiko her mother’s music. The violin symphonies often soothing her tears. It was as though her mother was still there, comforting her.

And so her father looked forward to Aiko’s bright future, dreaming of the wonderful days they had ahead.

Tragedy Strikes Twice

But one morning, those dreams would evaporate. During her father’s usual morning routine, checking in on Aiko- she would not wake and her pulse was weak.

In a panic, she was rushed to the hospital. By the time they arrived, Aiko had stopped breathing!

“Watching the medical team rush about the room”

“It was a painfully familiar scene”

“They worked to resuscitate Aiko like they did her mother”

-Itsuki Sato

The doctors managed to revive little Aiko but countless tests and scans revealed the grim truth. Aiko had a brain tumor.

It could be surgically removed but the baby only had a 50% chance of surviving the surgery. However, if it was not removed, she would not live pass the age of one.

In the end, her father chose to give his daughter a chance to live, opting for the tumor to be removed.

The surgery lasted 12 grueling hours as Itsuki waited alone in the cold waiting room. But in the end, the head surgeon announced the success of the operation.

Aiko had to remain in the hospital for observation but soon she was discharged when they saw she was healthy.

Searching for Hope

A year passed and Aiko turned out to be a fussy baby. She kept her home and neighbors awake every night with her piercing screams and cries.

Itsuki thought her unruly behavior was due to his shortcomings, believing it was his fault as a first time father.

A routine medical checkup however would prove him wrong.

Aiko’s pediatrician noticed her difficulties almost immediately.

“At one year of age, infants are already active”

“They’re usually learning to stand on their own”

“And can play with toys with ease”

“Aiko however struggled to even grip items”

“And she couldn’t sit up without support”

-Aiko’s pediatrician

Due to her medical history, this was an immediate concern. Her doctors scheduled another brain scan quickly, fearing the return of her tumor.

Luckily, there was no tumor but they noticed instead that her brain was underdeveloped. Only 45% of her neurons were active in her cerebellum.

“The cerebellum is what controls our motor functions”

“With Aiko’s condition, she is in no immediate danger”

“But she will have trouble with even the simplest physical tasks”

“Most likely for the rest of her life”

-Aiko’s doctor

Itsuki felt his heart break for Aiko. Despite her short life, she faced no end of hardship. He blamed himself, convinced her condition was his fault.

Refusing to see Aiko suffer, her father took her to countless specialists. But each time, the doctors failed to help.

That is until they met Dr. Hina Tanaka.

The Secret Of The Ancients

Dr. Hina Tanaka is a specialist with more than 30-years-experience. She spent her career, studying ancient and near forgotten treatments.

Aiko’s condition reminded the doctor of cases from centuries passed and she knew how she could help. Hidden in an ancient Japanese text, was a possible treatment. One that was all natural and would not harm the patient.

Dr. Tanaka had been working on the prototype for a decade and offered to test it on Aiko to treat her condition.

A Drop Of A Miracle

The treatment itself consisted of a bottle of golden oil. Dr. Tanaka massaged a few drops on Aiko’s temples twice daily. She also advised her father to use the oil on her pillow, allowing Aiko to breathe in the essence as she slept.

Within weeks, improvements began to show. Her tantrums and screaming came to a stop as she slowly gained control over her movements. And for the first time after three long years, Aiko even managed to stand up on her own, leaving Itsuki speechless from shock and joy.

Since that day, Aiko was completely changed. The symphony of screams that once filled the house transformed into laughter and music as she played happily and danced to her father’s piano.

At 3 years of age, she picked up her mother’s violin for the first time and played the instrument like an angel. As she played, it felt like her mother was alive again.

Her father couldn’t believe his ears.

“I’ve taught and played with some of the best musicians”

“But I have never seen anything like it before”

“Aiko played the violin like she had trained for years”

“But she had never received a single lesson!”

-Itsuki Sato

Today, at the age of 8, Aiko is flooded with invitations to join orchestras around the world. Her name is a fixture in the world of classical music as she even received the nickname “Angel of Strings”

Many have hailed her a future Paganini or Sarasate and it was all thanks to Dr. Tanaka’s treatment!

The Buried Treasure

So, just what is the mystery oil in Dr. Tanaka’s treatment?

The oil Dr. Tanaka used was derived from a wild ginger. Whilst it appears to be a common “zingiber officinale”, the unique soil composition, altitude and humidity it’s found in has given the ginger it’s particular properties.

“Our brain is what controls all aspects of our body”

“From motor functions and reflexes”

“To speaking abilities and memory”

“Due to factors like age or genetics”

“The neuron connections in the brain begin to decay”

“Causing a multitude of medical issues”

“Some find difficulty in focusing or remembering”

“Others feel a loss of control of their physical movements”

“Unable to control and move their bodies at will”

“The molecules of the ginger are much smaller than other variants”

“Allowing it to permeate brain trissues at a faster rate”

“Healing and repairing the neurotransmitters”

“Leading to improved neuron connections by up to 50 times!”

The oil can be used for a variety of conditions”

“Like physical ailments of Dyspraxia or ALS”

“Ane mental issues like ADHD and dementia”

-Dr. Tanaka

The Birth Of Shotsu™

Following Aiko’s incredible success, Dr. Tanaka started sharing her discovery with the world with a simple product that she dubbed “Shotsu™”

“I still use it up to this day”

“It’s usually in a diffuser in my practice room”

“It helps me stay focus on my lessons”

“And my brain feels more alert”

“My fingers always feel so much lighter and nimble as well”

“I can memorize and master songs in a single session!”

“I really love Shotsu™ and how much it helps me”

“It’s been the secret to my amazing skills!”

-Aiko Sato

More than 100,000 bottle of Shotsu™ have been sold with 97% of customers seeing a vast improvement in motor skills. But due to the wild ginger’s scarcity, production remains limited and current stocks are dwindling fast.

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