Discover The Woman Who Woke Up One Day
With Another Person’s Face

Meet the woman who woke up one day without her own face. Now, it looks as if she has permanent “Halloween makeup” on.

Once a rising supermodel who dominated countless catwalks, 21-year-old Marion’s life is turned upside down after an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure.

"I really regret not embracing myself and getting plastic surgery. After the procedure, it left me permanently disfigured.”

“The scars and lines all over my face made me lose confidence because now I look 40 years older. To reverse the damage, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on the top dermatologists and reconstructive surgeons but they were ineffective and only minimally reduced the scars.”

“I used to be a bubbly and outgoing person but now I'm shy and spend my days hiding in my room. My dreams of advancing my career in modeling are completely crushed.”

“Honestly, I wanted to give up on life until Dr. Sanders contacted me.”


Himalaya’s Hidden Gem

Dr. Sanders is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in the treatment of scars for more than 35 years.

“In today’s society, the pressure to look perfect in social media is causing a growing number of young people to have cosmetic procedures.”

“When the surgeries go wrong, irreversible scarring and disfigurement may occur. This issue is more common than most people realize.”

-Dr. Sanders

When Dr. Sanders first heard about Marion’s story, he knew that his recent field research trip to the Himalayas could help her:

“After visiting the small Himalayan town, I was inspired to help other young women like Marion not only to reduce scarring but also to feel more comfortable in their skin.”

“There was a 3000-year-old myth about a Himalayan village made entirely of people beyond the age of 120 but still appear youthful thanks to the 'Sacred Fruit of the Himalayas’.”

“Skeptical, I traveled all the way to find out if it’s true. I was stunned when I arrived! It was like living in a wax town. Then, I saw a 103-year-old granny who doesn’t look a day over 40! Her skin was flawless and free of lines and pigmentations.”

“During my stay, I saw how the locals drank a special infused tea made with the local Lycium Barbarum (Goji Berries). The villagers drank and rubbed their skin with this goji-infused water not only to improve their health but also to treat skin concerns and take years off of their skin.”

“Earning them the nickname ‘Longevity Town’.”

-Dr. Sanders

Trying Out The Centuries-Old Routine

Seeing how the sacred fruit can benefit Marion, Dr. Sanders brought back some samples and he carried out tests in the lab to uncover the berry’s underlying potential:

“Being the only species grown at an elevation of 20,000ft in the Tibetan mountains, the selenium-rich soil and air quality there grow the best quality goji berries.”

“According to our findings, only the Himalayan species contain the most antioxidants and polysaccharides which have the ability to repair and nourish skin cells effectively.”

-Dr. Sanders

Realizing how beneficial the berries are, Dr. Sanders spent months developing a prototype serum. When it was ready, Marion had to apply it to her skin for the next three weeks.

“Before this, I had to see a dermatologist on a weekly basis. It was extremely costly, and my scars worsened over time. The awful treatments made me depressed as I was getting skin infections!”

“But after two weeks of trying Dr. Sander’s prototype, I was surprised when I looked in the mirror! My facial lines have significantly reduced. I don't feel like a monster anymore, and I look a lot younger.”

“My skin looks plumper now and about 60% of my stubborn scars have faded. Elsier™ is easy to use and isn't as unpleasant as laser treatments.”


The Birth Of Elsier™

This motivated Dr. Sanders to start his own skincare company using all-natural, skin-loving ingredients. After spending years working with top skincare experts and using the latest state-of-the-art cold-pressed technique, a multifunction skin revitalizing serum, Elsier™ was born.

It helps to restore the natural skin barrier in order to target stubborn lines, scars, premature aging, and age spots. Dr. Sanders explains the science behind creating Elsier™:

“The skin is made up of three layers, each of which serves a different purpose and the middle layer is the most important in repairing the skin.”

“However, not every product on the market has the ability to penetrate the skin deeply. As Elsier™ is made up of smaller molecules than any other serums, just a drop of it can reach the middle part of the skin effectively.”

“Delivering a high concentration of skin rejuvenating ingredients to promote collagen growth while also nourishing and repairing skin cells from within. Banishing sagging skin, stubborn lines, and hyperpigmentation scars.”

“Three days of using Elsier™ is equivalent to hundreds of visits to the dermatologist. This encourages skin healing, for it to return to its original state, resulting in a healthy-looking complexion which keeps aging and scarred skin at bay.”

-Dr. Sanders

Elsier™ Lives Up To The Hype

Marion was the first person to try Elsier™ and this was her verdict:

“Although I can’t totally undo the harm, but even without any painful skin treatments I was able to get rid of almost all the deep scars and lines.”

“After just two days, I cried tears of joy when I saw my reflection. I’ve never felt this beautiful in such a long time. Also, Elsier™ removed the majority of my uneven skin tone.”

“Now, I don't have to rely on heavy concealers anymore. Thanks to Dr. Sanders, I’ve regained my confidence and soon I’ll be walking the runway for a well-known fashion brand!”


When Elsier™ was introduced worldwide, more than 619,283 units were sold. In a clinical study, 99.7% of users reported satisfaction as Elsier™ has helped them to restore their skin like never before.

One of them is 59-year-old Fiona:

“For the past 30 years, I spent hours applying makeup hoping to conceal my smile lines and hyperpigmentation but it made my skin texture look more obvious.”

“I had no hope left until I found out about Elsier™. My friends can't stop complimenting me on how young I look after just three days.”

“Just like how Elsier™ erased the lines and dark spots, it also removed all of my self-esteem issues! And without spending thousands, my troubled areas have vanished. I’m so glad that I don’t have to spend on expensive skincare anymore.”

“Even without makeup, my face now has a radiant glow to it! My husband even thought that I had procedures done and recently, a stranger assumed that my daughter was my sister!”


Taking care of the skin is better than covering it up. It’s never too late to plan a fresh start to reset the skin. Click on the link below to find out more!