Discover The “Baby Granny” Who Was Frozen In
Time After A Snake's Embrace

This grandmother from South Korea is known as the “glass lady”. Like a statue, she hasn’t aged a day.

Every time 67-year-old So-Hee goes out, people can’t help but to assume that she’s in her 30s! So-Hee looks almost as young as her grandchildren and her skin is as smooth and clear as glass.

Bite To “Eternity”

So, just how did this grandma from a small town achieve such youthfulness?

The local snake expert, Professor Jihoon has the answer:

“I’ve been studying about the hidden healing powers of snakes for the last 30 years.”

“After years of research, my hard work finally paid off. It all started when I was bitten by the Mamushi pit vipers native to Jeju island.”

“Fortunately, I survived it because it was only a minor bite and the tiny amount of venom wasn’t enough to harm me.”

“But then, something incredible happened. The lines and scars on my hand after years of handling snakes became less visible as if I’ve had a brand new hand!”

“It’s astonishing because previously, the scars wouldn’t fade even after various treatments.”

“I expected it to be only a temporary effect but it lasted for months! My friends and family even assumed that I had laser treatments on my hand.”

“Since then, I’ve been studying the Mamushi pit vipers venom non-stop to understand more about its potential.”

-Professor Jihoon

Experimenting With Venom

After a series of lab tests, Professor Jihoon finally got the information he needed. He discovered that the venom of the Mamushi pit viper contains a high concentration of peptides with potent skin-lifting properties.

Like Botox, it helps to fade crow’s feet and forehead lines. This explains why after the snake bit his right hand, it became as flawless and smooth as someone in their 20s.

Professor Jihoon has since collaborated with the best dermatologists in South Korea to develop a synthetic serum that mimics the effects of snake venom:

"In the process of creating a product, we do not want to injure any snakes.”

“So, using the most cutting-edge technology, we developed a synthetic serum to mimic the Botox effects of the Mamushi pit viper’s venom.”

-Professor Jihoon

Mother Nature’s Botox: Demiso™

That is how Demiso™ was born. Demiso™ is a one-stop skin lifting treatment that penetrates deep into the skin’s layers.

Like a bottled face-lift, it helps to reduce sagging skin and stubborn lines rapidly. To improve the formula, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C were added.

Professor Jihoon further explains the science behind Demiso™:

“As the years go by, the skin will begin to lose elastin. It's a protein found in our skin to help maintain its elasticity and firmness.”

“Without it, our skin will continue to crease, resulting in permanent lines. We took a protein called Walglerin from the Mamushi pit viper’s venom…”

“Then, it was synthesized into a Botox-like substance. The amino acids and moisturizing properties in this synthetic version have a freeze-like effect on muscle contractions that helps our skin regain its structure and firmness.”

“Resulting in smooth and bouncy skin that feels soft to the touch to make a person appear younger than their actual age.”

-Professor Jihoon

Demiso™ Earns Worldwide Recognition

When Demiso™ made its debut internationally, this brand-new skincare trend has slithered its way into the world by storm.

In clinical trials involving more than 78,000 volunteers worldwide, 98.9% of satisfied users have seen significant changes in their skin!

In as little as 14 days, they've experienced significantly smoother skin texture and a reduction in the appearance of expression lines.

59-year-old Hannah was one of the avid users:

“Demiso™ is my holy grail! I honestly can’t find a better skincare product out there. Before this, I had stubborn creases around my eyes, cheeks, and mouth.”

“I even spent thousands of dollars on various skincare products but they just won’t work!”

“I’m terrified of getting plastic surgeries but thankfully, my niece bought Demiso™ for me.”

“Honestly, I was doubtful at first but after only a week, I've received compliments from friends and family.”

“My skin is now tighter and smoother. They’ve bounced back to the skin I’ve had when I was younger.”

“Strangers even assumed that I am my granddaughter’s sister!”


62-year-old Marianne also shares her pleasant experience with Demiso™:

“I used to have low self-esteem because of the lines on my face. So, I usually spend hours covering the stubborn creases with heavy makeup.”

“But the foundation made my skin’s uneven texture more noticeable. I was on the verge of getting laser treatments, but thankfully I found Demiso™.”

“After using Demiso™, the result was remarkable! With just a few drops, it pushed my skin upwards and it filled in the creases of my deep lines.”

“I get so many compliments on how youthful and glowy my face looks. I can finally go out with confidence even without any makeup!”


With Demiso™, users can finally enjoy a safe and natural way to reverse the age of their skin.

It's never too late to have the skin you've always imagined. The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the better!

Join So-Hee and the others who have benefited from Demiso™. Supercharge your skin to perfection with Demiso™ now, before stocks run out.

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