A Woman Fulfills Her Dream of Fitting Into a Mermaid's Tail, From Pooh Bear to Little Mermaid

It all started at a theme park mascot audition. Anne was auditioning for The Little Mermaid role. It was her childhood dream to be Princess Ariel.

At the audition, Anne soon realized that she was different from the rest. Still, she was determined to give it a shot.

In the dressing room, Anne found her mermaid costume to be a bit too small. She barely fit into it.

The Most Awkward Incident

When Anne stepped out of the dressing room, the rest of the auditionees could barely contain their laughter. Anne’s costume had revealed her huge tummy.

The worst part was that the judges laughed her off and told her she was just too wide to be Ariel. They told her she could be Winnie the Pooh instead.

Anne fled the audition in tears.

“I’ve never felt so embarrassed in my life.”

“I remember the time when I used to be slim.”

“I lost my dad to a car accident when I was a kid. He was my everything.”

“I couldn’t cope with the grief, so I developed an emotional connection to food.”

“But I realized I had to do something.” - Anne

An Attempt at Turning Over A New Leaf

Determined, Anne switched to different diets like Atkins, Zone, Paleo, Keto, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem. But her belly fat didn’t go away…

So, she spent a fortune signing up for HIIT sessions, Aerobics, and Cross FIT. But nothing seemed to work!

Dejected, Anne settled for Winnie the Pooh. Her self-esteem plummeted and she started binge eating. Until she struggled to even fit into her Pooh costume… But she had lost hope and stopped caring.

Until One Day at the Disneyland Parade

It was a particularly hot day. Under the heavy mascot, Anne felt the heat close in on her.

Suddenly, she felt sick to her stomach. Then everything went black

Anne woke up in the hospital with the doctor’s warning:

“You’re lucky we got to you in time.”

“Heatstroke can be fatal.”

“The next time, it could be a heart attack.”

“You need to think about the risks of being overweight.”

Anne’s Collapse was the Last Straw

Anne shared her struggle to trim down with her doctor. That’s when he introduced Anne to Dr. Kando.

Dr. Kando was a renowned endocrinologist from Japan specializing in obesity treatments. He took out a box, handed it to Anne, and said:

“Sovvea™ has been an ongoing clinical trial created by my team for 4 years now. We were trying to discover why Japan had the lowest obesity rate. In our research, we found that the wild Japanese herb - shiso - has amazing weight-loss properties. Japanese people have been eating this wild herb for centuries.

But this herb is not found in an American diet… So, we came up with this simple and effective patch. Just stick it to any area that needs downsizing. The active herbal extracts will penetrate the skin to speed up your metabolism rate, suppress appetite and burn fat for maximum slimming effect.

Without the need to break a sweat, our team hopes to revolutionize weight loss.”

Beacon of Hope

After countless failed attempts, Anne thought it was too good to be true.

But amazingly, the pounds soon started to shed…

In just 1 week, she dropped 17 lbs.

Within a month, she was down 57 lbs.

In less than 2 months, she successfully lost a total of 120 lbs!

With her new figure, Anne could finally fit into any princess costume. She could hardly believe how such a simple solution could change her life!

Completing the Transformation

Back at work, her colleagues looked at her in surprise. One day, the woman playing Little Mermaid called in sick and they needed a replacement.

This time, Anne volunteered herself with confidence. She slipped into Little Mermaid’s costume effortlessly.

Recalling her humiliating audition one year ago, she couldn’t help but shed tears of happiness.

Anne was a star that day! She even got offered a permanent role as Little Mermaid.

“Me and my dad, we shared this Disney dream together.”

“Even though he is no longer with me, I know he would want me to have a long and happy life.” - Anne

Anne’s heartfelt journey is only one of the many success stories of Sovvea™. If you have found it difficult to downsize, we resonate with you!

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