Discover How a Noblewoman Won the Emperor's Heart with Her Lustrous Tresses

During the Heian period (794 to 1185 CE), the lustrous locks of Japanese noble Yoshiko helped her win the emperor’s heart. Her hair measured up to 7 feet long!

To learn about her story, we talked to one of the Ivy League historians.

“In those days, a woman’s hair is the symbol of beauty. As the common phrase goes 'hair is a woman’s life’.”

“So when noble Yoshiko flaunted her lustrous black locks, it instantly made her the most beautiful woman in Japan. This helped her win the heart of the emperor.”

“Until the late years of her life, Yoshiko’s hair remained long, black and lustrous.”

– Ivy League Historian

Though The Remedy Remained Unknown Till This Day

Trichologist Dr. Henry Hal was curious and started a mission to find the remedy that helped Yoshiko grow her hair. He travelled to Japan, the land where Yoshiko established the classic standard of Asian beauty of long silky black hair.

“It was an eye-opening experience.

Although not many had the long locks like Yoshiko, silky black hair is everywhere.

It is definitely a sign of good hair health.”

– Dr. Hal

Dr. Hal was referred to consult the famous “Princess Rapunzel”, Hikaru Ayako

7 Feet Of Hair?

Hikaru Ayako comes from a lineage of Japanese Royal Caretakers. Her great-great-grandmother used to serve the great beauty Empress Yoshiko. Hikaru is now the last heir to the secret beauty rituals of the beautiful empress.

The “Night Root” To The Rapunzel-Like Hair

At first, Dr. Hal was skeptical of the claim. But he tried recreating the mixture and used it on himself, and the bald spots on his head started growing hair in just 3 days!

So he dived deeper in his research, what he found was beyond fascination.

“This solution promotes hair growth far more effectively than any products I’ve ever seen!”

– Dr. Hal

Enthralled at his findings, Dr. Hal assembled a team of great chemists to extract and enhance the compounds of fermented Japanese rice water and ginseng. They modernized it into a little bottle of serum for the convenience of our fast-paced life.

They Called It Yuuzuru™

Journey To Healthy Locks

Dr. Hal carried out a clinical trial on Yuuzuru™, where 96% reported drastic hair growth within 1 month! Among them was the “Princess Rapunzel”, to which she gave her verdict:

When Yuuzuru™ finally hit the shelves, thousands of men and women were eager to try it, including 51-year-old Shirley Florence.

“I was born with terrible scalp and hair condition. My hair breaks easily when it’s long and my hair line recedes immensely.”

“When I was in my early 30s, many mistaken me to be 50+ years old. It really brings down my confidence and self-esteem to a new low.”

“I’ve tried all sorts of products and treatments, but nothing worked. Since then, I gave up and hid my head in the cap for most of my days.”

“Then I came across this serum. I was questioning it a lot because of my unfruitful past experiences. But I gave it a try anyway, and the results were astonishing!”

“My hair was stronger, there was lesser hair fall in the shower, and more baby hair grew around my hairline!”

“I used it for almost 2 months now, and I am happily wearing my hair out. I’m finally ditching the cap after 20 years.”

– Shirley

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