Discover The Grandpa Pilot Who Lost His
Memory In The Sky

This 101-year-old pilot’s mind went blank mid-air and he lost control! After floating in the sky for hours, he finally made an emergency landing.

Ever since he was in his 20s, Russell took the skies as a military aviator and eventually became one of the most outstanding pilots in the air force.

Now, despite being more than 100 years old, instead of enjoying his retirement, Russell is still actively working in the aviation sector as a flight instructor.

However, the journey of getting to where he is now wasn’t an easy feat. At one point, he was diagnosed with the devastating Alzheimer’s disease.

Suddenly, Russell couldn’t remember how to control the plane anymore. This caused him to develop severe depression and frustration.

So, just how did Russell suddenly regain his ability to fly again and be able to conduct flying lessons as if his memories weren’t lost?

Aristotle’s Herb Of Remembrance

The answer is Dr. Camella, a neurologist with over 36 years of experience specializing in memory loss disorders:

“While conducting a neurological research in Athens, Greece, I discovered the history of how Aristotle’s students wore garlands before exams made with Salvia Rosmarinus (rosemary), also known as the 'herb of remembering’…”

“Which allowed them to obtain computer memory and retain a huge amount of information for a long time. The simple herb was essentially how they outsmarted modern humans.”

-Dr. Camella

Curious, Dr. Camella brought back some of the local rosemary from Athens to perform in-depth research in her laboratory:

“After experimenting with rosemary from different parts of the world, only those from Athens had the greatest volume of 1,8-Cineole.”

“It is a powerful brain-stimulating substance to enhance the retention of memory and jumpstart the brain, making it the ideal solution to treat Alzheimer's Disease.”

-Dr. Camella

The Birth Of Visezo™

Realizing how this could transform the world of medicine, Dr. Camella worked with leading biochemists to create a modern version of the ancient Greek’s brain-boosting “weapon”.

They called it Visezo™. The purest rosemary from Greece was used to create this powerful formula using the most cutting-edge steam distillation technology.

Visezo™ is a supercharged essential oil that stimulates the mind to strengthen memory, concentration, and cognitive functions.

Dr. Camella continues by explaining memory loss and how to cope with it:

“Generally, the neurons in the brain are damaged in patients with Alzheimer’s, causing the connections of neuron networks to be disrupted.”

“As a result, the nerve impulses carrying memory and learning information cannot be completely transmitted while also shrinking numerous parts of the brain.”

“Visezo™ contains a skyrocketing amount of 1,8-cineole, a powerful memory-enhancing compound. After inhaling, it will stimulate the motor neurons of the nervous system and send the brain into high gear with powerful mental strength.”

-Dr. Camella

World’s Longest Working Pilot

When the first batch of Visezo™ was introduced globally, Russell was among the first to try it out. That was basically how his memories came flooding back:

“Before this, flying the plane was as easy as driving a car for me but when I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my mood and health deteriorated.”

“I refused to go near a plane because I felt hopeless but after using Visezo™, my memories slowly came back to me.”

“I burst into tears when I slowly remembered even the smallest detail of controlling a plane and I recently became the most senior winner for the National Air Race.”


After a month of using Visezo™, Dr. Camella performed MRI scans on Russell:

“Russell’s hippocampus has restored to its original size! Analysis of EEG tests also revealed that the oxygen levels in his brain and brain wave activities were way higher than before.”

“This confirms that Visezo™ has strengthened his brain health by as much as 90%.”

-Dr. Camella

Sky Is The Limit

Ever since Visezo™ was first launched, more than 513,913 users have expressed their satisfaction as it helped them in the improvement of their cognitive ability, mental clarity, and memory.

Bridget, a 57-year-old professor is one of them:

“I lost some of my memories after having a stroke. For months, I struggled with lecturing and solving problems and I was also becoming increasingly forgetful.”

“It was challenging for me to even read. I was about to retire because I have no recollection of anything from the syllabus until my daughter gave me Visezo™ to give it a try.”

“After just 2 weeks of using Visezo™, I could teach for hours without any reference and I'm even working on a textbook of my own now.”


Visezo™ is the most effective essential oil for brain health that actually works. In clinical trials, it was found that children in a room scented with Visezo™ performed substantially better on memory tasks than those who didn’t get a sniff.

Unlocking The True Potential Of The Mind

Join Russell and the thousands of others who have benefited from Visezo™. Keep your memories safe, they are a priceless treasure that we never want to lose.

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