Born An Addict: This Bright Math Prodigy Started Her Life In The Wild

This 3-month-old baby was born without a mother. Amy was left to fend for herself when she was found by her aunt behind the bush near her house, helplessly gasping for air to stay alive.

Most childhood started with a responsible mother, who would avoid all harmful food and drinks to make sure that their babies are healthy.

However, that is not the case for Amy. When she was still in her mother’s womb, her mother always needed some sort of substances to help her get through with life.

It is what caused Amy to be born 7 weeks earlier. As a result, her brain was not properly developed, it did not just affect her vision but also her motor behavior.

Underdeveloped Childhood

Unable to care for her, Amy’s mother left her with Amy’s aunt, Jen. Due to Amy’s underdeveloped brain, raising her was an effortful responsibility.

“When Amy was 4, she would do something suddenly, like yelling or hitting vases off the shelf.”

“The loud noises always caught me off guard.”

“No one knows how to handle her!”

“But I just can’t turn my back on her like her mother did.”

“So, I took her in and raised her like my own.”


When Amy grew older, she experienced more problems. She could not count properly and would always get confused with the days in the week. She still could not learn anything at all even when she was reaching the age of 7.

Amy’s severe cognitive impairment meant that on top of her learning disabilities, she would go into seizures unexpectedly. Jen would receive calls from schools depicting Amy’s unexpected seizures.

Searching For A Hope

Witnessing her worsening condition, Jen took Amy to every doctor around the area. The search was not productive until the last doctor they visited referred them to a neurologist, called Dr. Reed.

Seeing Amy’s odd symptoms, Dr. Reed decided to conduct an MRI scan. He found out that there were some damages in the most important area of her brain, named Hippocampus. This part of the brain mainly regulates memory and learning. Once this area is damaged, the patient may lose their old memory and their ability to form new and lasting memories. Other than that, they sometimes cannot move as they want as the damages affect their motor behavior.

The main reason for these conditions was her birth mother’s destructive lifestyle. Whatever substances she took when she was pregnant with Amy passed through Amy’s bloodstream when she was in the womb. It caused a detrimental effect on her brain development. This is why Amy was struggling mentally and unable to move willingly due to the underdevelopment of her brain.

The Magical Plantation

Amy’s case reminded Dr. Reed of one field research where this couple of plant enthusiasts has the highest IQ in the area. Sources revealed them to have the most developed hippocampus.

“They looked like your everyday farmers on the outside but they actually are multiple degree holders.”

“They made memorizing looked very easy. With just one glance, they could recite all the information on that page with ease. This is why the couple are able to collect multiple degrees effortlessly.”

“When I had the chance to talk with them, they told me they had a bumpy start too.”

“They used to struggle with understanding instructions and their studies. Just like Amy.”

“When I asked them about their secret, they had no idea how it happened. They just simply use the peppermint that they farmed by putting it in their food and bathing in them.”

“They began to get better day by day after that.”

-Dr. Reed

Beacon In The Darkness

Thinking that it could help Amy, Dr. Reed started creating a prototype. After conducting a lab test on the peppermint leaves that the couple farmed, he found out that the strain of peppermint used is a superior type, thus, making the scent stronger than the other peppermint in the market. Dr. Reed concentrated the essence into an oil and passed it to Jen to apply it on Amy every day.

Shortly after, Amy was showing massive improvements.

“Miracles happened after I use the oil on Amy.”

“She became better at her studies. It was like she changed into this smart girl over just a few nights!”

“Mathematics started to interest her. She was able to solve equations that even her math teachers can’t.”

“In just a semester, she became the top student out of 455 students!”

“All at the age of just 8!”

“One time, Amy noticed a slight mistake in my tax form before I submitted, not even the professional accountant identified the mistake.”

“Thank God for her help!”


In the end, Amy got a scholarship to study mathematics in Princeton. She then became the youngest graduate at the age of 15. One of the professors in a renowned aerospace institution saw her talent and wanted her to work with his team. He reached out to Amy personally for the role and she accepted the position.

Now, she is sending astronauts to space and building space rockets.

The Science Of Healing - Janay™

This is what Dr. Reed has to explain about Amy’s improvement.

“Memory and attention are two main cognitive processes that the peppermint can improve as it sparks the hippocampus.”

“When taken, the menthol in peppermint acts on the neurons and enhances the neuron connection in the hippocampus.”

“This reconnects Amy’s lost neuron connection.”

“As a result, her hippocampus began to develop, improving her motor behavior, and allowing Amy to get better overall, especially in learning”

-Dr. Reed

Wanting to help others like Amy who face the same troubles, Dr. Reed was confident to advance into creating Janay™. With the highest menthol content in the minty scent of Janay, it’s the fastest way to pass through the blood-brain barrier to stimulate hippocampal growth. Janay™ can further improve the quality of learning. It boosts brain function which could speed up cognitive processes and enhances motivation and mental tasks, making it much easier to focus mentally. It also protects brain nerves by reducing damages to the brain.

Experiencing The Changes

Ever since the official launch, more than thousands have benefited from Janay™. 96% of the users reported back with positive results such as having quicker respond time and having clearer judgment.

Diana was one of the first users of Janay™.

“I kept calling my grandchildren with the wrong names.”

“One time, I even bought the same thing twice in the same hour!”

“Fearing that my condition would get worse, I decided to try Janay™.”

“Within the first week, I began to recall people’s names.”

“I could still remember the routes while driving at the age of 88.”

“Thanks to Janay™, I can spend my life with my family without any worries!”